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The ideal waste recycling system: with 2, 3 or 4 compartments.

CUBEK is a line of practical, modern, and attractively designed waste and recycling bins. It allows recycling a large amount of waste compared to traditional bins as well as offering an area that is always clean … the nightmare of an overflowing garbage can in the kitchen is over.

Depending on the model, it has two, three or four recycled plastic buckets of different colours to facilitate the sorting of waste.

In addition, it has two compartments accessible from the top cover: one to deposit used batteries for recycle and another to store the roll of garbage bags so you don’t have to go to the kitchen cupboard every time to look for it.

In a single piece of furniture, you can finally recycle organic waste, glass, paper, plastic, and batteries, as well as having garbage bags always at hand.

CUBEK has rounded edges for greater ergonomics of the furniture, notably improving its aesthetics. It is easily integrated into the decoration of any kitchen, home, or office due to its multiple finishes and combinations.

It has an ergonomic stainless-steel handle in the upper compartment that makes it easy to open.

The top cover allows better access to the top trash can, which is usually the most used. Its articulated opening system allows you to open all the compartments at once to choose the right compartment at a glance and not having to bend down to open the lower drawer. Thanks to this system you can now recycle waste effortlessly.

It has 2, 3 or 4 inner recycled plastic buckets of different colours, for an easy sorting tasks. Each compartment has more than 20 liters of capacity. The inner cubes have a handle for an easy removal. You can easily empty the waste and do without the bags if you wish.

Manufactured with 100% renewable energy, in stainless steel or steel lacquered with antibacterial paints, avoiding condensation, and minimizing the bad odors that this entail.

Reject imitations

Registered trademarks and models.

Patent No. 2945568

CUBEK, the definitive solution for domestic and professional recycling and remember 35 years manufacturing in Spain and with 100% renewable energy.

Serving trolley BAUHAUS

The BAUHAUS serving trolley is the perfect auxiliary furniture for the home. Its design, robustness and multiple functions make life more comfortable at home. You won’t be able to do without it.

Its four wheels with a modern and silent design make it easy to move between rooms. It allows you to carry food and drinks in one trip.

Thanks to him, you will always have everything you need without overloading the table. There will be no back and forth to the kitchen during meals.

Also in the semi-folded position, upper tray open and lower tray folded down (see video), it serves as a practical auxiliary table for working, eating, etc. about it.

It has 4 possible and easy to change positions:

• Folded to store using minimal space.

• Half unfolded to use as an auxiliary table as you can see in the video.

• Half folded to use using less space.

• Unfolded to make the most of its 2 shelves.

It is a practical, functional and decorative element for the kitchen, dining room, terrace or garden.

It has a very resistant steel metal structure. You can choose between several colors (white, black, gray, etc …) or in a Chrome or Gold finish.

The trays are laminated with resin, which makes them highly resistant to water and abrasion. You have a wide range of plain, patterned or wood colors. You choose the best combination that suits the design of your rooms, and remember, made in Spain and with 100% renewable energy.

BAUHAUS serving trolley, quality, design and ergonomics in your home.

The BAUHAUS serving trolley is the perfect auxiliary furniture for the home.
The BAUHAUS serving trolley is the perfect auxiliary furniture for the home.

Placas solares en DON HIERRO

DON HIERRO 100% renewable energy

At DON HIERRO we are very conscious of the sustainability of our production processes. We are proud to announce that we manufacture all our products with 100% renewable energy.

DON HIERRO - Industrial self-consumption
DON HIERRO – Industrial self-consumption

Only 10% of the garbage we produce is not recyclable.

sustainable DON HIERRO

Our recycling bins Ecobox and Cubex are the most effective option to separate waste and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

We recall you the most important things that goes into each container and the importance of separating it:

The blue bins are used for recyclable waste

The brown bins are used for kitchen and garden waste

The green or grey bins are used for non-recyclable waste

BLUE CONTAINER: paper – newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, phone directories and catalogues, cardboard, aerosols, food tins, drink cans and cartons, glass bottles and jars but no other types of glass, plastic bottles, plastic food trays and yoghurt pots, Tetra Pak packaging.

BROWN CONTAINER: plate scrapings, vegetable peelings, meat and bones, egg shells, cooked and uncooked food, teabags and coffee grounds, cut flowers, garden waste such as grass cuttings, prunings and leaves, food waste may be wrapped in newspaper or kitchen paper towels.

GREEN / GREY CONTAINER: general refuse and pet waste, plastic bags, polystyrene, light bulbs but not fluorescent bulbs, glassware such as Pyrex and mirrors, sanitary products, nappies.

Leky Cart – Home Cocktails, the new leisure trend.

If you are one of those who enjoy the taste of a good cocktail with friends, all you need is to have the necessary tools to do it and a little creativity.
Measurer, ice bucket, squeezer, mortar, cocktail shaker, tweezers and of course a cart Leky.

Cart Leky

Zestas – The definitive solution for home storage and organization

Thanks to these baskets you can have all your things organized in an orderly way, giving at the same time a touch of design to your home.

Manufactured of steel plate and lacquered in different colors to choose (white, turquoise or aluminum gray), with resins that repel dust.

Don Hierro Baskets

¡Buy right now your basket and forget your problems related to home storage and organization!

The Mediterranean inspiration: Vegetable cart Onda

This beautiful Ibizan Cuisine seamlessly integrates a Mediterranean classic and contemporary style. At the same time, our vegetable cart integrates with discretion and elegance in all kinds of environments.

Vegetable Cart Onda

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